Visit our NEW Charm Bar in-store or build your own custom jewelry online! Visit our NEW Charm Bar in-store or build your own custom jewelry online!

CHARM BAR Jewelry Care


We want your jewelry to be as shiny and beautiful for as long as possible, and we also want to be totally honest about its longevity and performance, so here’s some helpful info on how to take proper care of your pieces!

What material is our jewelry made from?
Our jewelry collection consists of 18k gold-filled, gold-plated, sterling silver, and rhodium plated pieces. The most resistant metals are gold-filled and sterling silver.

What is the difference between your gold options?
The main difference between our gold-filled and gold-plated jewelry is actually the amount of gold in the jewelry piece. The outer layer of gold in gold-filled jewelry is much thicker than on gold plated pieces, making it more durable and long-lasting than gold-plated jewelry. 

Why carry gold-plated jewelry?
Let’s be honest, jewelry can get expensive— we wanted to create a jewelry bar experience for all different price points. We know purchasing a solid gold necklace is not in everyone’s budget, so we wanted to offer options for everyone and gold-plated pieces are very affordable.

Will my jewelry tarnish?
Let’s talk gold— solid gold jewelry is the only metal that will never tarnish. Unlike solid gold jewelry, gold-filled jewelry isn’t one solid metal all the way through—it’s actually bonded to a brass core, making it more resistant to fading or tarnishing than a plated piece. But will it last forever? The truth is, it depends on your lifestyle, how often you wear your jewelry, and how you clean and store it. So, does 14k gold-filled tarnish? It can—but there are steps you can take to prevent it. 

Things to AVOID:
• Pools & hot tubs have harsh chemicals that quickly tarnish jewelry
• Saltwater is highly corrosive for jewelry
• Sweating (while exercising) will tarnish your jewelry
• Water (yes we’re talking about showers) will fade your jewelry
• Beauty products including perfume and sunscreen will quickly tarnish jewelry

Things to DO:
• Keep your jewelry stored in something airtight like a jewelry pouch (Leaving your pieces out causes oxidation)
• Store in a low humidity environment
• Clean your jewelry regularly with a cloth or jewelry wipe. We love Shinery wipes because they are made to protect your jewelry (especially after we accidentally wear our favorite jewelry somewhere we shouldn’t have!)